Started reading Brian K. Vaughn's Paper Girls today. Like everything else he writes, it's fantastic. I love his stuff.


Kind of on a gloomy art-rock thing this week. Weather must be changing.

Not that I'd know, since I haven't been outside in two days. Have to leave the flat tomorrow to get my teeth fixed and pick up some trousers I took in for tailoring. I also need coffee creamer. So many demands on my time. I suppose I'll return to the gym now that the pain from my fucking toe is not debilitating. It's still a freakish purple lump with a blood halo around the nail but it no longer sends bolts of pain up into my shin every time I wiggle it. Elaborate revenge fantasies fill up the majority of my day. I need more hobbies. Or more money to bring dark plans to light. Either would be a welcome change from this paralytic non-living I often succumb to.